Full service professional office park in Pflugerville.

Co-working space and Executive Suites

Co-working in Pflugerville means your choice of working alone or in groups. The Executive Suites are leased by an assortment of professionals who need private spaces year around. The co-working space are for individuals, but also for companies with dozens of co-workers.

Work in Style

Co-working space or extended office space.

Break rooms

Refrigerators. Coffee makers. Coffee. Supplies.

Conference Room

Members can book the conference rooms.


Co-working in Pflugerville  is a full service professional working environment. You bring your desire for peace and quiet and the determination to succeed.


Optional 24 hour access includes a private digital entry key.


Hi-speed internet access included for everyone in the co-working spaces.


Three affordable membership levels. All can book the conference rooms. One option includes 24/7 booking.

PROJECTOR / Whiteboard

Need a projector or whiteboard? Easy as pie. Practice your presentation. Go for it.


Flexible means co-working space for individuals and or customized spaces for companies with dozens of co-workers.


Break room supplies included. Snack dispenser on your dime. Or bring your own snacks and drinks.


What is Co-working?

Coworking is a shared spirit of people working alongside one another in a shared space. These people may not know one another at the beginning, however, soon you'll form a community of friends who are each working towards your distinct objectives. In summary, coworking puts an emphasis on the people who are using the supportive coworking environment to stimulate creativity, interactions, and form new relationships that help them to buckle down to work.

Who uses co-working?

Start-up entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers, independent consultants, graphic designers, computer programmers, creative or technical writers, researchers, independent scientists, network marketers, small business owners with 1 or 2 employees, solo practice professionals such as accountants or insurance agents, or people who travel frequently. Even Moms and Dads who need a space to focus can benefit from a coworking space near home. In short, anyone who might otherwise require a desk or office space that is not at home, or, also, someone who has a one-person office and wants to work in a professional Class A office building and environment.

Why co-work instead of working at home or use a coffee shop?

It’s often difficult to focus with all the distractions of your home or the coffee shop. Productivity suffers when there are constant or even intermittent interruptions. It’s hard to hold a serious phone conversation or appear professional with the background noises of children playing, dogs barking, or the clattering of silverware. Working at home creates a sense of isolation for many people and there are simply times when you yearn for someone with whom to brainstorm or bounce ideas around. Meeting with clients or colleagues at home or Starbucks lacks professionalism. Your membership at the Co-Working Pflugerville Grand Avenue Office Parke includes the ability to book a Class A office building Meeting Room or a Conference Room when you need it.

Why not just rent an office?

Certainly the most obvious reasons are cost, time savings, and flexibility. As a member in Co-Working Pflugerville, you can choose to pay as little as $100 a month to have pleasant, comfortable and professional office space in a Class A office building. The Grand Avenue Office Parke is conveniently located on one of the major streets in Pflugerville. You can start working the day you decide, without having to wait for internet installation or furniture delivery. Your membership is on a month-to-month basis instead of requiring a contract that may last for years, so if your needs change you have the flexibility to change almost immediately.

What alternatives are there if my needs change?

The three distinct Co-Working Pflugerville Memberships are on a monthly basis. You can increase or decrease the level of membership and service you want at the beginning of any month. If you decide you want to have a partner or hire someone, it's easy to pay for their membership and have them join you in this space. If your business has seasonal peaks and valleys, and you require more or less coworking space, you can adjust your Membership and just pay for the amount you want.

If you decide you need a private office or conference room periodically, you can reserve one for the amount of time you need. Should that need increase and you decide you need a private office all the time, you would be given priority for any vacancies we might have in our Grand Avenue Office Parke buildings. If you don’t see an option that appears to fit your needs, the management of the Grand Avenue Office Parke is always ready to help find a solution or create a new one.

How do I book a conference room?

Booking a meeting or conference room is easy. Depending on your membership level you can book rooms during normal working hours Monday through Friday, or 24/7. Click on the title of this question and watch the Membership and Booking videos.