13 Ways of Creative Co-Working

Focus Distraction Free

1. The most obvious use of your space is sitting in a quiet place and working, free of distractions. Choose a comfortable chair and desk with enough room for your computer, notepad, and other work tools. Make use of your break room facilities to grab a cup of free coffee, tea or hot chocolate and you’re ready for a productive work session

Private Office

2. Book a private office for a client meeting. Accountants, insurance agents, real estate agents, graphic designers, outside sales representatives and many other professionals need to meet with clients, and clients expect to do so at your office. Look as professional as you are and make sure your client sees you at your best.


3. Hold weekly or monthly training meetings in the conference room, a must for every network marketer. Any professional can train in their area of expertise.


4. Offer seminars for up to eight people in the conference room. Realtors can offer “How to buy or sell your home the easy way,” and any sales professional can host meetings on whatever their sale niche is. For example, “How to buy a car. Car buying secrets you need to know.”


5. The conference room is great for workshops. Writers or authors can hold workshops or seminars:
a. How to write your first novel
b. How to write your family history
c. How to get published
d. How to self-publish on Amazon – Your step by step guide to self-publishing with Kindle and Create Space.


6. Accountants or bookkeepers looking for clients can host seminars in the conference room.
a. How to choose accounting software for your business
b. Do you really need an accountant?
c. How to hire a qualified accountant?

Develop Reputation as Expert

7. Any tradesperson can produce a seminar that will establish them as experts and produce business for them utilizing the conference room:
a. How to hire a contractor
b. How to hire an electrician
c. Secrets of the plumbing trade

Share Information

8. Literally anyone in a trade can book the conference room and find more business by hosting low-cost, or no-cost seminars that share information about how to hire a reputable craftsman.

Public Speaking

9. Consult with management of Co-Working Pflugerville about giving a talk, teaching a class, presenting a seminar, or leading a workshop in the co-working space for all our members as well as guests.


10. Participate in networking events offered by Co-Working Pflugerville so that other members will know what you offer, as well as giving you a chance to practice your “elevator pitch”. You may pick up a client or two, but in any case some of your fellow-members know will know someone who can utilize your services. You get to know other members and build camaraderie with other professionals.


11. Know what amenities are offered and utilize them as appropriate. If you are giving a seminar or teaching a class you may want to use audio visual equipment, including white board, projection screen or a projector. The coffee, tea and hot chocolate are always available. Use the refrigerator and microwave for snacks or quick meals. Let management know if you need storage space or anything else.

Get Fresh Air

12. When the weather is nice, spend some time in the pergola in back or the pagoda across the parking lot. Getting fresh air and a change of scenery is good for the soul and your productivity.

Participate in Community

13. Participate in community events. Learn what non-profit organizations management supports by providing space or participating in an event and see how you can be involved, or consider bringing your community activity to the attention of other members.